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International course of head and neck dissection

Training in surgical skills outside the scene of the real operating room using surgical simulation with bioreactivos scenarios is the basis of surgery with minimal levels of iatrogenesis. Therefore, that this training allows you to learn and develop each of the steps and technical gestures, about a biological optimum model for the training process through e-training, face-to-face methodology and surgical training with bioreactives. Information and registration contact: ivan.herrera@juntadeandalucia.es
Horas lectivas totales 20.00 (20.00 horas presenciales)
La actividad principal de la fundación se desarrolla en España.
Objetivos de aprendizaje

Objetivos generales

  • Be able to apply the neck dissection in human pathology.

Objetivos específicos

  • Know the basic instruments used for cervical surgery.
  • Learn to perform different surgical approaches on bioreactive
Dirigido a
  • Resident doctors and specialists in otolaryngology, plastic and maxillo-facial surgery.
  • Simulación en cirugía experimental
  • Presencial
Sistema de Evaluación
  • Evaluación continua