IAVANTE, Lideres en Formación y Evaluación Sanitaria

Course in techniques of implantation of electro-stimulation devices: pacemakers, defibrillators and

Training is divided into learning the techniques of implementing different systems of electro-stimulation in an animal model; which allows to reproduce, successfully, anatomo-physiological conditions of the surgical technique necessary to treat real patients. Thus, we highlight that the knowledge acquired by students are not applied in virtual models, but live in. This model allows a real translation of learned to routine clinical practice.
Total teaching hours 12.00 (12.00 horas presenciales)
Training aims

General objectives

  • Train students on the set of skills, knowledge, techniques and processes necessary to confront successfully the implantation of pacemakers.

Specific objectives

  • Train students in the use and skilful handling of the instruments required in the pacemaker implantation.
  • Develop skills to perform adequately, atrial and biventricular cardiac pacing and defibrillation therapies.
  • Designed for: Cardiovascular surgeons, including residents.
  • Virtual simulation
  • Experimental surgery simulation
  • Face to face
Evaluation System
  • Individual work
  • Continuous evaluation